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Riverbend Campground - Located along the Rifle River, a private campround with plenty of activities! [more]

Looking for that perfect campground for your family? Looking for a great camp on a great fishing lake? Looking for a campground near a festival that you want to go to? Whatever your reason, I have compiled the best resource for finding that place in Michigan. My name is Jim and I have been camping all over Michigan my entire life. I decided to create this website to share some of my experiences, allow others to share their experiences, and compile the best information for finding that perfect campground. After moving to Northern Michigan in 2001, I realized that I had been missing out on some incredible campgrounds that were not publicized. Many of these were County and Township campgrounds that locals have known about, but if you were not from the area, you would be in the dark about these gems.

This website will be a work in progress. I have managed to compile a lot of information in a short period of time, however, my goal is to visit all of the campgrounds in Michigan and provide the best documentation utilizing pictures and video, as well as, giving my two cents on each campground. I will try to let you know interesting things to do in the area. I hope you enjoy what I have compiled. Please feel free to email me at jim@campinginmichigan.com if you would like to send me a comment or have something that you would like to see on the website. HAPPY CAMPING!!

Michigan State Parks encompass some of Michigan's most beautiful landscapes and shorelines. The campgrounds (for thoes that have them) are usually large and attract thousands of campers each year. They also include modern facilities such as bath houses and electricity at each campsite. There are 98 State Parks in Michigan's State Park system. Mackinac Island State Park was the first park and was established in 1895. It includes the entire area of the island.
Michigan National Forest Campgrounds are located in one of the four national forests in michigan which include the Huron National Forest, Manistee National Forest, Hiawatha National Forest, and the Ottawa National Forest. The campgrounds are operated by the USDA Forest Service. Many of these campgrounds do not have as many modern facilities as the State Parks, however often have flush toilets and water taps (no hand pumping). The USDA does a good job of maintaining the campgrounds.
Michigan State Forest Campgrounds are numerous and scattered in the northern 1/2 of the Lower Peninsula and throughtout the Upper Peninsula. They are all located on a lake or river and are often the most rustic campgrounds found in Michigan. Hand pumps for water and outhouses for going potty are the extent of the luxury found at these campgrounds. Most are not very busy, even in the summer months, with the exception of a few. If you are really looking to "get away from it all" maybe one of these is for you.
Michigan City, Township, and County Campgrounds are located throughout the state and variy in facilities. Many of these are hidden gems that are hard to find , even on the internet. I have found that many of these campgrounds are in excellent shape and have many modern facilities such has bathhouses, electric, and water at the campsites.

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